Seems very nice and clean from a couple of minutes of messing around

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Seems very nice and clean from a couple of minutes of messing around

Creating skilling longer neccecary is a shooter idea anyhow. The skills that are most despised entirely are skilling abilities such as mining and RS gold runecrafting. Skilling is unengaging and insistent by RuneScape criteria. Skills such as mining and runecrafting are dead weight of you and from a standpoint could trim the fat from RuneScape those skills that are grind would be the first to go. RuneScape mining is wasting hours of your life clicking the stones in precisely the same place to drop again. In wow you have to travel to various places to locate ore which is actually valuable.

You explore caverns that are dangerous to locate precious ore, with danger around every corner using a risk reward of ores but occasionally you discover the super valuable diamond. Mining is like really engaging and bossing. The skilling bosses are great and an objective improvement over cookie clicker skilling. Stop attempting to revive.

I feel as though something is being missed by people, you are able to play the way you want to perform. You do not need to constantly do this meta. Who cares if it is inefficient. You can do barrows at camp or maximum combat for fish bees or winner scrolls instead of barb fishing. That is whats so refreshing about all these snowflake ironmen reports on youtube, they do ridiculous things which take compared to meta and have more fun doing this. You wish to nerf things so material is going to be content, but it is only material because you won't perform it. And there is nothing stopping you from enjoying with it. It's fine if you perform for one hour and make progress if you had fun.

I've a proposal. A lot of time when I am using this I'm comparing the equipment, only 1 item changed out. It would be wonderful to copy the equipment from 1 side over to another for alterations that are tiny that are simple. Fantastic idea! Ill add in presets so you can save 2/3 equipment loadouts and change into them in any given time.He way for the ideal side to just copy what's on the other hand, or vice versa. You won't want to delete loadouts to check that, if you are comparing two items in some setup.

Seems very nice and clean from a couple of minutes of messing around. Might I suggest removing the items? Its gon na get annoying scrolling through party hats and such to find a face guard if you are gon na use this tool a lot. Overall you've done great and I look ahead to a feature like this in runelite. Fantastic shout, ill categorize the hunt into best. Worst instead of the present arrangement, hopefully this will help too.That's a terrible thing imo. For example, rune full helms don't do anything for dps directly... except if you're ranging they do.I was talking about things with no stats, such as party hats. Rune helms are a item and would be buy OSRS gold in a position to be chosen.