The point of this post was to inform users that don't know but OSRS is frankly shit without this client

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The point of this post was to inform users that don't know but OSRS is frankly shit without this client

Yes, Jagex does allow for 3rd party clients. They don't permit every add-on as a few might be bot or cheating like. Every add-on RuneLite has OSRS GP been accepted and Jagex rules are completely complied with by runeLite, thats why 80%+ of the community uses it. The client provides a lot of Quality of Life upgrades that Jagex won't make with their own customer that I can see why new players could be turned off when they first start playing it.If youre interested in using RuneLite just go to google and type in"RuneLite Download", it is going to be the first link (not sure if I could just post a link straight to it).The point of this post was to inform users that don't know but OSRS is frankly shit without this client.

You can always jump right into it, but please notice a great deal of things is behind their membership (they raised the price of over the decades ). Though you know what you're getting into, This is an enjoyable game, I would recommend watching videos on it. It is a click and point MMO (meaning that you mainly use your mouse to do whatever except to look around), the combat is automatically initiated once you reach something or in case you have Auto-retaliate on and something strikes you. It is fun if you're into it and you can finally start just purchasing membership yourself using in game currency (it may take a long time on a new account if you've no clue what you are doing) and there's several videos from various OSRS Content Creators telling you how you can do it but a lot of them are based on luck and attempting to play the Grand Exchange (which is their version of an Auction House).

Runescape itself has existed for decades. I would recommend OSRS since RS3 is a massive money grab (not joking as people were spending $3000+ per month on it to receive the best gear in sport from a kind of miniature game which prices"spins" that you receive free once each day iirc or you'll be able to pay for them). OSRS does not have any courses but there are"assembles" because EACH specific combat form has their own degrees. By way of instance, Melee has Attack/Strength/Defense and Magic and Ranged have their own (Magic and Range are the titles ). There is also no limit on what you could do"profession" wise since it is all available (except specific matters require membership to par or need membership to produce items which are more profitable).

That means you could just equip an axe you're at level to wield and use to block trees, however certain amounts are required to equip specific tiers of things. Bronze and Iron can be found at the beginning, Steel demands level 5 attack to wield, or use for mining or woodcutting. Black requires level 10, Mithril level 20, Adamant level 30, Rune degree 40 and Dragon degree 60 (that's just the tip of the iceberg). I play OSRS for personal reasons but if you want to attempt it, it's free to play and honestly takes a couple of moments to just download Runelite and set it up to the way you desire.

Honestly I would recommend jumping right into OSRS with as little prior knowledge/experience as you can. Like many OSRS vets, I finally created an Ironman account when my principal account got stale (not sure I would suggest an Ironman as a primary character, however ), also going into that blind was actually quite enjoyable. There are loads of guides out there for regular and ironman accounts, and you will certainly progress a lot faster if you follow them, but only figuring out the best ways to get shit done in your own is legitimately great. Especially in buy OSRS gold an Ironman, since you have to really participate with more of RuneScape as opposed to simply buying cheap shit from bots and farming the same high level bosses forever.